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Surround Networks is a provider of innovative location-enhanced services and applications. Our offerings include software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for location-based marketing for businesses. With the vision of enabling "networks built around you", our solution aims to empower users and clients with useful and meaningful networks and services, wherever they are.


Surround Networks’ mission is to offer an easy to use, powerful self-service tool for businesses to readily connect to the surrounding users (potential customers) in the proximity of their business locations. Through this tool, businesses can perform location-based marketing (detecting and attracting potential customers), and / or offer location-based mobile services that enhance the customers’ experience while they are at the venue.

We aim to achieve this through a suite of product offerings. Using a patent-pending technology, Surround Networks enables people to connect to their surrounding, and enables businesses and venues to connect to their surrounding people.

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